Computerized flat knitting machine hole reason

Update:09 Jan 2018

1, Needle hair 2, Latch into the hook 3, Starting needl […]

1, Needle hair
2, Latch into the hook
3, Starting needle triangle needle speed
4, Before and after the needle bed is not aligned
5, Yarn count too coarse
6, Wool yarn knot too large
7, Wool yarn uneven waxing
8, Curved yarn triangular walking marks too deep
9, Curved yarn triangular lower surface is too wide
10, Curved yarn triangular needle speed
11, Needle bed comb line rough surface
12, Pressure needle triangular tip too long or walking marks too deep
13, Thread guide hole blocking or guide hole is not smooth
14, Tension spring is too large or failure (spring and plywood friction)
15, Yarn guide installed too low
16, Bending triangle up and down not flexible (due to stretch spring too large, the triangle slider and the pressure plate is too tight, the pointer in the scoreboard slot rolling or ingot screw tighten the curved triangle and the triangular floor with too tight)