Computerized flat knitting machine

Update:09 Nov 2019

The computerized flat knitting machine is a double need […]

The computerized flat knitting machine is a double needle plate tongue knitting weaving loom. Its triangular device is like a set of plane cams. The needles of the knitting needles can enter the groove of the cam, move the triangle, force the knitting needle to move regularly in the needle groove of the needle plate, and pass the action of the needle hook and the tongue. The yarn can be woven into a knitted fabric. During the ascent of the knitting needle, the coil gradually withdraws from the needle hook, opens the needle tongue, and hangs the needle tongue and hangs on the needle bar; during the lowering process, the needle hook hooks the newly placed yarn and pulls it. Bending into a coil, while the original coil is pulled out of the needle hook, the new coil passes through the old coil, and is connected in series with the old coil, and a plurality of knitted knitting stitches are coupled to each other to form a knitted fabric.

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