Correct wear underwear

Update:19 Dec 2017

     Correct wear underwear seven steps      Step one: […]

     Correct wear underwear seven steps
     Step one: upper body tilted forward 45 degrees, let the chest into the cup.
     Step two: hold the bra side with both hands and slide the buckle back buckle.
     Step three: Adjust nipple position at the tip of the cup. (Very important, but also depends on the design of underwear is European or Asian design, cutting-edge position to be accurate, a long time do not pay attention to this may result in breast deformation or nipple depression).
     Step four: stand up and adjust, dial the exposed muscles inside the bra.
     Step five: Adjust the shoulder strap with both hands, leaving a finger width.
     Step six: Flatten the sides without wrinkles.
     Step seven: to do the overall inspection, underarm whether milk, behind the hanging.