Seamless underwear purchase

Update:26 Dec 2017

Seamless underwear is a complete knit product that is p […]

Seamless underwear is a complete knit product that is produced by a machine through a specific programming, so that it does not require any cutting and stitching, and different organizational structures in different parts of the product, the design changes with the individual personality changes, the body's Different parts have different squeeze effect, body comfort, personal seamless, wear will have body sculpting or functional health care role. Generally speaking, seamless underwear is the same as the usual wear socks, made from the entire circle, not trimmed on both sides, so there is no suture, but also in the chest and buttocks with woven part of the three-dimensional clothing type. Its characteristics can be summarized as the following:
(1) Fabric components are generally: to nylon yarn. Cotton or other natural fibers, veil elastic yarn;
(2) Personal seamless: a magical seamless design, wearing a comfortable seamless, skin care;
(3) Body shaping: unique care chest, waist, hip, straight back and other functions;
(4) Moisture permeability breathable: cotton fabric, absorbent breathable, keep the skin dry and comfortable;
Stylish and beautiful: simple and elegant shape, yet elegant, simple and elegant appearance.