The difference between flat knitting machine and circular knitting machine

Update:15 Nov 2019

First, the application is different 1. Flat knitting ma […]

First, the application is different
1. Flat knitting machine: suitable for knitting, rabbit hair, camel hair, cashmere, silk and synthetic fiber, blended yarn, etc. Knitting single-sided and double-sided plain, rib, middle color, pit, twisted rope, pearl land, Sanping, Siping , shifting needles, cypress, shovel chicken. Needle lift, hole picking, secondary or tertiary sweater, cashmere sweater and wool.
Pants, scarves, hats and other knitwear. Widely used in the knitting of households, sweater stores, sweater factories, scarves and hats enterprises, clothing and garment enterprises.
2, round machine: widely used in wind turbines, bridge templates, chemical equipment, cable racks, mining explosion-proof switches, centrifuges and other mechanical equipment industry. Also suitable for external processing.
Second, the classification is different
1, flat knitting machine:
(1) According to its development, including hand-cranked flat knitting machine, semi-automatic flat knitting machine, computer flat knitting machine (computer jacquard machine, computer woven machine, computer glove machine, other simple computer flat knitting machine).
(2) According to the system: single system computer flat knitting machine, dual system computer flat knitting machine, three system computer flat knitting machine, four system computer flat knitting machine.
(3) According to the number of machine heads: inorganic head, single head, double head and multiple heads.
2, round machine: divided into mechanical and hydraulic.
(1) The mechanical circular machine is a high-quality and high-efficiency circular winding device for making carbon steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metal profile angle steel, strip steel, channel steel, pipe, etc. into a ring and flange with a diameter of 320-6000 mm. .
(2) The hydraulic circular machine is an upgraded product of the mechanical rounding machine, which can increase the thickness and width of the coil, and can complete the shortcomings of mechanical coiling and rolling of thick plates.

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