The reason why the computer knitting machine industry sells well

Update:06 Dec 2019

Computerized flat knitting machine display: adopts true […]

Computerized flat knitting machine display: adopts true color LCD display, graphical operation interface, the display can display various working parameters, and at the same time can be adjusted and modified at the same time, convenient for operation and control, information input adopts USB input, making data transmission faster and more reliable .Machine head: Double triangle system is built in, which can realize single or simultaneous stitch turning, and one system can turn stitches and another system is knitting, and the turning stitches are not affected by the direction of movement. To improve production efficiency, the coil density system is controlled by stepping motors, with 64-segment density selection. Knitting system: single head dual system, driven by AC servo motor and timing belt system, the head can automatically adjust the stroke according to the weft width.
Computerized flat knitting machine In order to meet the requirements of multi-variety, small batch, tight delivery and high-quality production, knitted sweater manufacturers have set higher requirements for production equipment; with the rise of labor costs in China, the production equipment of knitted enterprises is updated The pace of replacement will be faster and faster. Under this background, the computer flat knitting machine has ushered in a good development opportunity. Whether it is a computer flat knitting machine manufacturer or a sweater manufacturing company, they have personally felt the hot selling of computer flat knitting machines.

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