What is the computer network effect of flat knitting machine?

Update:10 Jan 2018

Fabric in the weaving process, some of the coil is remo […]

Fabric in the weaving process, some of the coil is removed, stretching, take off, etc., after weaving the next line, the original part of the coil shows the effect of the hole.
Permeation is a concept that incorporates the designer's aesthetic. Permeable tissue design eclectic, different effects of different styles of organizations, or different thickness, different texture of the yarn intertwined, can make the fabric surface thickness, thin different transparent effect, with a vast design space . There are many ways to form the mesh, such as transfer eyelet, free to design, with light, beautiful, generous and so on.
Drawn needle mesh fabric has a particularly exaggerated artistic effect, can be combined with the transfer ring. In addition, there are a variety of ways to take off the ring mesh and pineapple mesh.
Here we focus on the design of pumping needle mesh effect.
The needle-drawn mesh fabric has a tear feeling, the effect is bold and exaggerated, and the transfer ring can also be combined. The size and distribution of the holes are more flexible and optional. Drawn needle with the formation of large-scale mesh, often forming avant-garde style, weaving methods: Need to be part of the needles to the coil moved to adjacent knitting needles, knitting needles out of work, after a few rows of knitting needles and then into the weaving.
Need to pay attention to the problem: Rib tissue at the end of the last few lines of knitting, alternating alternate braid can be used to play the effect of locking edge, which can effectively prevent the rib from scattering.