Worn underwear errors

Update:20 Dec 2017

When choosing to wear underwear, you first have to avoi […]

When choosing to wear underwear, you first have to avoid the following misunderstandings:
Misunderstanding 1 ,change of body only does not change the cup 34B-type woman needs a larger bra and purchased a 36B-type bra; big breasts because women can not find the H cup bra, so buy a 42D bra to meet the right Need for cup type. Need a big cup, but chose a larger bra - a lot of women become fat when the bust grows often do not realize that the breast cup also becomes larger. This may be because the body is too large, underwear can not give you enough support, a long time caused by sagging breasts.
Mistakes 2 ,Even the best of underwear, but also according to their own body changes in a timely manner to update. Generally speaking, the lingerie life should not exceed two years. In addition, cleaning should also be careful not to use machine washing to ensure that no deformation of underwear. Drying should also be dry before the water, so as not to cause the shoulder strap is too long.
Mistakes 3 ,Breast is a fat as the main component of the organ. Any movement that causes chatter means that the suspensory ligament needs to withstand the weight of the breast every few seconds. Therefore, underwear is essential for every woman's wardrobe. Pregnancy, breast enlargement should pay more attention to body changes, timely update your underwear.
Misunderstanding 4, sleep when wearing underwear to reduce physical activity, slowing blood circulation, so in principle it is best not to have something tied to the body. However, for women with larger breasts (such as C-Cups and above), it may not be possible to fall asleep without wearing busts. This is because in the sleep, the weight of the chest tend to armpits, so this shape of women should wear no wire during sleep, soft and breathable full cup or vest bust.