about us



People oriented, cultural management, technology thrive, brand establishment.


"People-oriented, cultural management, technology societe generale, establish brand" has become the guideline for the development of the company. The company pays attention to the moral and cultural education and the value of the employees. Ambition and devotion is the development spirit of the company. Meanwhile, the company has helped the employees to build up the idea: Enterprise and I must survive together to mobilize the working enthusiasm.




We are dedicated to produce excellent products, build Chinese classic brand.


We own consummation quality control system, exquisite technical process, first-class necessary facility, comfortable working conditions, outstanding technology backbone cabal. Jinhao’s promotion of every new product and every marketing activity will follow the values of generating values for customers. We have a good understanding to meet the customer demand, to create and fulfill the customer value, which is our only way to development.




Face customers with new guise of new system, integrity, flexibility and reality, win credit from customer with quality, price and service.


Marketing is a management process. A successful business, a successful entrepreneur, has their own unique marketing ideas and sales model. We need to identify and anticipate customer needs, and then meet customer needs through a series of research and development, production, sales, customer service, and in the process of meeting customer demand, ensure that corporate profits.