Automatic flat knitting machine cleaning maintenance

Update:03 Jan 2018

Computerized flatbed cleaning machine maintenance: Need […]

Computerized flatbed cleaning machine maintenance:
Needle slot in the long-term use, there will be fouling in the channel, it directly affects the quality of knitwear, it must be on a regular basis to wipe the needle bed work. Known as wiping the car, wiping the car must pay attention to the following points:
1, the knitting needles all pushed to the weaving area, to prevent damage to the tongue in the plunger on the pull.
2, out of the upper and lower plunger and needle bar iron must press the original order, put on the workbench, do not make mistakes, easy to install.
3, if the needle bed rust, available 0 emery cloth sanding sliver, avoid scratching the needle bed grating tooth mouth, so as not to damage the tooth mouth straightness.
4, should not be in the ferry's "front" to wear wipe cloth, so as not to "front" destruction and affect the needle operation.
5, needle groove must be clean, otherwise it will cause fabric thinning needle or road and other flaws.
Eliminate needle slot fouling, you can use the back of the broken hacksaw to tick, such as a tick unclear, you can check again, to achieve clean so far, and then remove the brush with grease dust. Do not for the sake of convenience, the needle bed turned over and hit, so as not to damage the needle bed.
6, when cleaning the car should pay attention not to damage the needle bed razor-tooth mouth.