Basic performance mode of computer flat knitting machine

Update:28 Feb 2020

Computerized flat knitting machine transmission method: […]

Computerized flat knitting machine transmission method: timing belt transmission, servo motor stepless speed change transmission.
Protective device: yarn break, big yarn knot, broken needle, floating thread, cloth winding failure, striker, shaker obstacle, program error, number of pieces, etc. can be automatically stopped and a fault alarm will be displayed. slow.
Control system: 10.4-inch color LCD screen, which displays various parameters of the machine and can be adjusted on the machine, using 3.5-inch disk and U disk input method, memory 32M. The latest system memory is up to 1G, which can store a large number of patterns, and can be arbitrarily called up for weaving. The pattern design system is fast and easy to operate and easy to upgrade. It is free to configure and use.
Power supply: three-phase AC 380V or single 220V, 50Hz
The service life and effect of the electrical system products of computerized flat knitting machines are closely related to the temperature, voltage, current, load, circuit design rationality and environment; a good environment and timely maintenance can make the product play a better performance for the user Save more resources and create more wealth. Before use, please pay attention to the main circuit power circuit must be connected securely, the equipment should be fully grounded, the power line and control line should be separated, and a stable power supply should be used.