Common faults and solutions for flat knitting machines

Update:21 May 2021

1. How to repair unilateral stitches that often encount […]

1. How to repair unilateral stitches that often encounter missing edges?
  1) First, check the elasticity of the antenna and whether the chirp (commonly known as the clip) is too loose.
   2) Check again whether the injection is accurate.
  3) Look at whether there are burrs at the yarn feeder outlet?
  4) See if the brush is too long or shed too much,
  5) The worker did not reach the side when he was shaking the machine.
   2. How to fix irregular missing stitches in the knitting film?
  1) First check if the undercoat is too little
   2) Is the brush shed too much or cut too short?
  3) Look at how many needles are taken
  4) Is the gap between the needle plate and the mountain plate too large?
  5) Is the sharp mountain of the mountain board worn too much---uneven?
  3. How to make a big body with one side and a cylinder or 1X1, 2X2, etc.?
  1) Under normal circumstances, if you pull the flag with the leg cylinder and the body, you can fix the cylinder first (a very standard cylinder is required), and the body will not pull the flag.
  2) The maintenance method is generally completed by raising or lowering the bottom needle plate.
  3) 1X1,2X2...... The method of repairing the feet and the body is basically the same.
   How to maintain the Siping and Siping flags? How to repair Sanping?
  1) Generally speaking, the narrower the machine mouth, the shorter the shirt piece (as opposed to unilateral and pit strips). The short side should be as wide as possible to be consistent with the long side.
   2) If the first method is not effective, the screws at the bottom of the front and rear needle plates may not be flat. You can raise the screw on the short side until the needle plate cannot be rubbed to the highest position of the needle plate.
  3) If the first and second two methods are not available, the needle plate may be deformed, and the needle plate can be removed to level the bent part.
  4) The three-level flag can be repaired in combination with one-sided and four-level, because the three-level has half-turn, one-sided, half-turn and four-level.
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