Computer Flatbed Operation Precautions

Update:29 Jun 2018

It is recommended that you buy a computerized flat knit […]

It is recommended that you buy a computerized flat knitting machine, be sure to go to the regular flat knitting machine sales organization to purchase, to ensure the quality of the computer flat knitting machine, and the computerized flat knitting machine after-sales service.
The computerized sweater machine has an important operation procedure—transferring the loop, and is divided into a variety of operating techniques in the transfer operation. Next, we need to understand the specific operation procedure of transferring the needle and transferring the needle:
Computer flat knitting machine - turn the needle:
The needle is used for an operation process that is performed after the weft knitting 1 rib is finished. The operation process is as follows:
(a) After opening the needle bed, the first step is to form a circle triangle (the nose is at the right side) and weave a row to enlarge the rear needle bed coil.
(b) Push the empty needle on the rear needle bed into the work area and open the latch.
(c) Transfer the front needle bed coil to the empty needle of the rear needle bed using the needle plate.
(d) After scraping the back needle bed, the needles of the front needle bed are all returned to the non-operating position, and the opened No. 2 loop triangle is restored to its original position. The density can be adjusted to continue weaving the weft plane. For knitted fabrics, in order to ensure that the edge coils are smoothly looped and the fabrics are evenly distributed, small weights should be attached to both edges. With the lengthening of the fabrics, the small weights should be moved upwards to ensure a certain pulling force at the edges.
For other methods of computerized flat knitting machine, you can consult online customer service, or directly on the site to view, we will have a detailed system introduction.