Daily maintenance of the dispenser(1)

Update:20 Jan 2021

The daily maintenance of the dispenser directly affects […]

The daily maintenance of the dispenser directly affects the service life of the dispenser. The daily maintenance of the dispenser has a great impact on the service life of the dispenser, including its smoothness during normal use. The following are the routine maintenance steps of the dispenser:
1. Change the type of glue and clean the pipeline. At this time, first close the feed valve and open the discharge valve. After the remaining rubber material is discharged from the rubber tank, close the discharge valve and open the feed valve to pour the cleaning solvent into the rubber storage tank, activate the body, and press the solvent according to the usual operation method. Out rinse.
2. If the air pressure is abnormal and water vapor is found, please remove the water vapor in the pressure regulating filter or check whether the air pressure source is abnormal. Before the glue dispenser is used in large quantities, please try a small amount first to master the use skills of the product to avoid errors. When the test is no problem, use the double-liquid glue machine or the double-liquid glue machine for mass production; The vacuum system vacuumizes the glue to remove bubbles during the mixing process, or let it stand for 10-20 minutes before use, so that the bubbles generated during mixing can be eliminated in time. The more glue is mixed together.