Daily maintenance of the dispenser(2)

Update:30 Jan 2021

3. Please clean the machine part regularly to increase […]

3. Please clean the machine part regularly to increase the service life. The more the amount of glue mixed together, the faster the reaction and the faster the curing speed. Therefore, it is necessary to make a reasonable allocation of glue according to the actual production situation, otherwise it will cause a waste of glue. Eliminate accidents and improve production efficiency. Nowadays, liquid control technology and dispensing equipment are widely used in various production fields in modern industry.

4. When the machine is out of service for a long time, it should be unplugged. This will not only extend the life of the machine but also save a lot of electricity bills. With the needs of the ever-changing industrial development, liquid control technology and dispensing equipment are constantly developing to ultra-high precision control and diversification and specialization.
Note: After each use, clean it up and wipe all the visible areas, rub with alcohol. It is best to apply oil or butter on the frequently moving parts to keep it lubricated. If it is not used for a long time, be sure to polish the glue. , Otherwise it is solidified in the LED dispenser, and money is required for cleaning, which is very troublesome.
Application field
With the continuous advancement of science and technology, people's living standards are constantly improving, and production technology is also constantly moving towards automation, constantly improving our various production capabilities.
Fluid dispensers are widely used in mass production, and the quality of products is determined by the production process, rather than relying solely on the quality inspection department to ensure.
Therefore, the fewer links of human control operation in the production process, the less production inconsistency caused, and the lower the return and return rate. The matching system of the dispenser and its accessories can control the dispensing process to be uniform, stable and consistent. The use of high-quality dispensing systems can avoid the impact on product quality and productivity due to uneven operating technology and shifts in production.
dispensing technology can ensure the uniformity and stability of the fluid dispensing volume, thus ensuring the reliable and consistent quality of the final product. The use of a dispenser can also greatly improve our production efficiency, a good helper for mass production, because of its speed we are obvious to all. In addition, fluid dispensing technology is also used in precision dispensing and micro-dispensing, as well as in the laboratory.