Development of seamless underwear

Update:25 Feb 2020

Underwear worn by humans has undergone a long history o […]

Underwear worn by humans has undergone a long history of evolution, from the initial cover to the subsequent pursuit of even the most subtle differences in individual beauty. With the development of social economy and humanities, people began to return to the yearning and pursuit of natural life. Wearing underwear is no longer blindly pursuing the effects of body sculpting and breast enhancement, but more concerned with the experience of “health and comfort”.
In order to meet people's pursuit of comfortable underwear, many companies continue to innovate in fabrics, processes, design and other aspects. Seamless underwear, based on seamless weaving technology, finds the best product interpretation for this need. In the early 1990s, the Italian company Santoni created a seamless weaving technology, which is a complete subversion of the world's traditional knitting technology. For this purpose, St. Tony has created a series of advanced all-computer seamless knitting machines. Simply enter the pre-programmed program, attach the yarn, and wait a few minutes to get the desired seamless product. Seamless weaving technology allows designers to design without the limitations of fabrics, with professional design software, to design a variety of different fabric effects and styles, design unlimited freedom. Seamless weaving is synonymous with comfort. It can be used for the best combination of natural fiber, rayon and synthetic fiber. The seamless product fits the skin and the neck, waist and hip are seamlessly connected to make the dress more comfortable and natural.
The concept of seamless knitting was initiated in the 1980s. In 1984, Italy Shengge Company applied for the special right of seamless underwear knitting machine. At this point, seamless technology began to be applied in the field of underwear. In 1988, the Italian company Santoni was able to develop and research on seamless underwear products through continuous development and research. Batches are pushed into the market.
Seamless underwear is a complete knitted product produced by the machine through specific programming, so that no cutting and stitching are required, and different tissue structures are woven in different parts of the product. The design changes with the body personality, and the body is changed. Different parts produce different squeezing effects, the whole body is comfortable, and there is no trace on the body. Wearing it will produce body shaping or functional health care. In layman's terms, the seamless underwear is the same as the socks worn in peacetime. It is woven in a full circle. The sides are not cut, so there is no suture, and there are woven parts on the chest and hips. Its characteristics can be summarized as follows:
(1) The composition of the fabric is generally: the ground yarn is nylon. Cotton or other natural fiber, the veil is elastic yarn;
(2) Close-fitting seamless: magical seamless design, comfortable and seamless, care for the skin;
(3) Body shaping: unique chest, waist, hip, straight back and other functions;
(4) Moisture-permeable and breathable: cotton fabric, sweat-absorbent and breathable, keeping skin dry and comfortable;
Stylish and beautiful: the shape is simple and noble, the appearance is simple and elegant.
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