Discussion on the development of knitting technology and knitting machinery (2)

Update:09 Aug 2021

1.3 Electronic and computer control devices and technol […]

1.3 Electronic and computer control devices and technology
With the rapid development of electronic technology, computer technology and network technology, more and more knitting machine manufacturers have adopted electronic and computer control devices and technologies, thereby greatly improving the structure of knitted fabrics, the ability to change patterns, and the quality of grey fabrics. , The production efficiency and degree of automation of the machine. Typical devices and technologies include: computer-controlled electronic needle selection and electronic thread adjustment, electronic control of pulling and winding, frequency conversion speed regulation, etc. In recent years, new progress has been made in the further research and development of the combination of electronics, computer control and knitting technology.
1) The electronic needle selection double-sided circular knitting machine has developed from only the needle selection of the needle cylinder to the electronic needle selection of both the needle cylinder and the dial, increasing the pattern and structure of knitting.
2) The jacquard terry machine with electronic sinker selection device and technology can form jacquard loops on one side of the fabric and ordinary loops or flat stitches on the other side.
3) The jacquard terry machine with electronic needle selection and electronic sinker selection devices at the same time can knit full-floor loops, jacquard loops, structural loops and pattern ground weaves, or a combination of these effects.
4) A double-sided multifunctional circular weft machine integrating three-function needle cylinder and dial needle electronic needle selection, electronic four-tone thread, electronic needle selection and transfer, and can automatically adjust the coil length when weaving floating yarn.
1.4 Quickly and easily change the stitch length
Today’s knitting production is characterized by the diversification of raw materials, small batches, multiple varieties, and rapid changes. Therefore, the gauge (gauge) of the knitting machine is required to adapt to the ever-changing requirements of yarn fineness, but this is in the conventional round weft It is difficult to achieve on board. In order to meet the needs of the market, a few years ago, some knitting machine manufacturers introduced single-sided circular knitting machines that can quickly change the needle cylinder to change the machine size. For double-sided circular knitting machines, because the dial is positioned above the barrel, it is laborious and complicated to change the machine number, which involves the movement of the yarn guide, the adjustment of the height of the bearing and the dial.
1.5 Seamless underwear knitting technology
Since its inception, the seamless underwear knitting machine pioneered by Santoni in Italy has been very popular in the market. Its products include underwear, swimwear, sportswear, outdoor clothing, home casual wear, medical clothing, etc. Recently, companies such as Sangiacomo in Italy have also introduced similar equipment. But basically they are single jersey knitting machines. In 2003, Santoni developed a seamless underwear double knitting machine. This machine has the functions of needle cylinder and dial electronic single-needle selection and transfer, and can knit ribs and bump jacquard. Seamless underwear products with structures and patterns such as, tuck, and transfer. In addition, the loop-forming triangle is independently controlled by a stepping motor, and each path can quickly change the density in the same row, so that the fabric has a unique effect.