Excellent underwear machine has the advantages

Update:23 Feb 2019

Serialization In a series of machines designed in serie […]

In a series of machines designed in series, some parts or parts that are not related to the machine series parameters can be applied to the machines of this series within a certain range, such as the front part of the spinning frame and the parts of the lifting part. In addition, some components perform the same functions on different models, such as the guide roller and roll of the dyeing machine. These parts are called general-purpose parts or general-purpose devices, and are further developed into general-purpose unit machines in the dyeing machine.
In the design of mechanical products, in addition to the use of general-purpose parts, general-purpose devices, and general-purpose unit machines, people have consciously corrected the structural layout and implemented the generalization principle as much as possible. The standardization, serialization and generalization of textile machinery have begun to go international beyond the boundaries between countries, such as drafting parts and needles, card clothing, etc., and the same parameters have been adopted in many countries.
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