Function description and use skill of seamless underwear machine

Update:06 Mar 2018

Seamless underwear machine products, disposable woven, […]

Seamless underwear machine products, disposable woven, tying the automatic stitching machine, speed up to 95 rpm, high speed and high efficiency equipment; negative pressure suction pulling, simple structure, the fabric pulling evenly, effectively guarantee the performance of fiber is not destroyed; each 2 level 6 needle selector, multi station pneumatic triangle and the feeding mouth, constant tension conjugate cam stepper motor control, automatically adjust the tension of yarn feeding technique, so that the fabric of individuality; Touch HD display capacitive screen, full Chinese man-machine interface, easy to zero and automatic zero correction function, simple and easy operation; l proofing software compatible SANTONI. Reduce programming time and improve the convenience of program management; electrical equipment testing and management function unique, prompt information directly, greatly reduce the rate of failure; voltage detection and backup power supply Use, work site protection support grid sudden power failure; automatic detection of broken yarn winding, stop function, effectively prevent the fabric defects; the system can be upgraded to realize on-line technology to intelligent management platform as the core; seamless underwear machine optimization design of integrated aluminum base two times solution treatment, needle the cylinder structure, effectively guarantee the stability of equipment knitting elements and the impurity removing space; design of data bus control, centralized control solenoid valve installation design, make the machine clean, easy maintenance; the overall modular design, yarn breakage detection, constant tension control, the number of brands of flexible selection function;