High-speed knitting machine production process operation rules and production quality control tips

Update:26 Apr 2020

1. Operation procedures of production process Fix the s […]

1. Operation procedures of production process
Fix the semi-finished product to be woven on the pay-off stand, fix the pay-off reel, and adjust the tension. The cable core is released from the pay-off reel, enters below through the host, and passes through the central hole of the disc surface through the guide wheel to the traction wheel after a few turns, and then leads to the take-up reel. The center of the disc surface is equipped with optional traction gear.
Put the spindle with the metal wire in the braided shuttle. After the inspection is correct, the machine can be started after a period of time to stop, measure the braid outer diameter, braid pitch and other process parameters to see if they meet the process regulations, and can be produced normally after passing the test.
2. Quality control in production
During the weaving process of the high-speed braiding machine, the machine suddenly stops because the thread is broken or the thread has been used up. You can start the machine and continue braiding after the corresponding disposal.
During the preparation process, if it is found that the shielding layer weaving does not meet the requirements, it should be stopped at any time to clear the braid of the metal wire of this length. After the disposal, the normal braiding will be resumed.
Strictly follow the regulations of the process card issued to the workshop machine, control the process parameters, and make inspection records.
A complete reel requires a single end. If there is a joint inside that needs to be cut, the reason must be indicated in the middle of the label and the length of the front section must be stated. The cable shall be neat and tight, and there shall be no crossover phenomenon.
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