How to complete the matching work of syringe and needle bed?

Update:13 Jul 2020

The computerized flat knitting machine is suitable for […]

The computerized flat knitting machine is suitable for producing knitted sweaters or producing scarves, caps and other fabrics. At present, the simplest flat knitting machine is a hand-held flat knitting machine (without electrical control, it is also widely used, occupying a larger market, with the development of technology, the level of computerized flat knitting machines is increasing, and automatic computerized flat knitting machines have been pushed To the market). It can feed 3, 4, and 6 yarns per inch, and the triangular seat cylinder is a 4-track cylinder. The biggest feature of this machine is its strong interchangeability. It only needs to replace the core components to convert the single-sided machine into a towel machine or a sweater machine. Therefore, the machine has a wide range of applications, and can be used to produce mercerized cotton, colored strips, single and double bead mesh fabrics, four-sided elastics, fish scale loops, spandex jerseys and other products.
The needle groove on the barrel is made by special sawing machine and grinding machine. Generally speaking, a 30” 28G barrel usually takes 3 days from the blank to the finished product. The structure of Huaneng Superstar varies with the type of large circular machine. Although the structure of single-sided syringes and double-sided syringes are different, their technical requirements are the same.
1. Main technical features
Spinning speed: up to 1.2m/s (variable depending on fabric changes and yarn conditions);
Degree head: stepping motor 0 ~ 99 segment scale selection;
Stop device: Yarn break, yarn knot, needle break, rewind cloth, program error, execution error, the number of pieces is stopped.
2. Electric drive
Main motor: 0.37kW AC asynchronous motor drive, frequency conversion speed regulation, reciprocating movement or servo motor driving head reciprocating movement.
3. Control system
When the flat knitting machine is working, the machine head drives the knitting triangle to make a linear reciprocating motion along the working surface of the needle bed. The knitting needles arranged on both sides of the needle bed are sequentially raised or lowered by the action of the triangle to complete the loop withdrawal, yarn cushion, needle press, ferrule, etc. A series of looping movements. The adjustment of the working position of the triangle of the machine head and the operation of the triangle into the loop area for knitting needle control is a step-by-step, orderly operation mode, which can be implemented by a step controller-drum controller composed of a counter. Operation control of machine parts (triangle, yarn guide, etc.).


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