How to draw the knitting machine spool spindle braided material easily and quickly

Update:07 Apr 2020

First weave the braided material on the spindle, we all […]

First weave the braided material on the spindle, we all know that we can use a plying machine. But sometimes, due to product changes and other reasons, we must remove the remaining braiding material on the spindle of the braiding machine, how to solve this? The following introduces a simple and easy to operate method, I hope it can help everyone;
The first is to extract the woven material directly on the knitting machine. First, open the part that fixes the spool of the knitting machine on the top of the spindle, and then pull the spool out of the spindle to install the reverse direction device.
Then, as long as we find the head of the woven material and pull it out. With this method, several spools can be stripped together at the same time, which is very fast.
If we want to carry out the stripping operation in the positive direction, it can also be achieved in principle, but it is very laborious and time-consuming. In order to better ensure the quality of the braided hose, the design of the spindle must ensure that the braided material maintains tension during the work process, and that the bobbin has the same rotation angle.
Although the knitting machine is small, it is very user-friendly in the planning and design of many details. It fully considers the usability of the machine and the speed of operation.