How to effectively deal with the maintenance change of knitting machine

Update:13 Apr 2020

Nowadays, weaving equipment has been successfully used […]

Nowadays, weaving equipment has been successfully used in many places, usually for weaving clothes, ropes, elastics, etc., but it is worth mentioning that its long-term use will inevitably cause wear or failure, so do it daily Some major and minor repairs are necessary, and we need to keep in mind some important aspects.
Knitting machine repair is to disassemble the parts of the mechanical knitting part, arrange and clean it, and replace the parts that are expected to be damaged before the next major repair, and then install and adjust according to the small repair requirements. The time is usually when the knitting machine runs normally It takes about 24 months.
During major repairs, all mechanical parts should be disassembled, thoroughly cleaned, worn parts should be repaired, and parts beyond the service life should be removed, and then be fully installed and adjusted in accordance with the requirements of major repairs. Major repairs are normally performed on large round machines. In about a month.
At the same time, the main objectives of the key maintenance are to remove dust and flying flowers on various parts of the machine, clean the braiding machine parts and replace the damaged parts, etc. The knitting machine mainly made of cotton yarn has been in normal operation for about 6 months, and the machine is required to weave. The key parts are inspected.
Weaving is mainly based on chemical fiber yarns. It can be overhauled for about 12 months of normal operation. The specific operations are to remove the impeller, the runner spindle, the tension spring, etc., clean the platform and bearings, and then reinstall it. Go horse head, bobbin) to re-adjust until the start-up operation is normal, and to ensure the quality of the fabric.
Working principle and advantages of wire braiding machine
At present, there are many types of wire braiding machines. Braiding machines are divided into vertical, horizontal, single-layer braiding, double-layer braiding, and multi-layer braiding. According to the different materials used for weaving, the diameter of the hose, the number of spindles used, the price is different.
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Wire braiding machine
The wire braiding machine is an indispensable main machine in the braiding industry. Simply put, it is a machine that weaves steel wires together to strengthen the toughness of the steel wire. Let's understand its working principle.
Working principle of wire braiding machine:
The steel wire braiding machine uses the spindle to make a sinusoidal circular motion along the guide disc, and weaves the steel wire according to a certain rule. The steel wire is simply installed on the spindle, and the spindle is equipped with a spring to make the steel wire have a certain tension. The same circular motion that crosses each other and sinusoidally. The advantages of this wire braiding machine can be summarized as follows:
1. Increase the wear resistance of the guide disc and add the hardness of the guide disc to make it more durable;
2. The structure of the transmission part is more reasonable, which increases the stability of the equipment operation, reduces the working noise, and makes its operation simple;
3. The traction part adopts the chain traction mechanism of advanced equipment, which avoids the shortcomings of the fast wear of the worm gear and worm, making it easier to maintain and more durable and practical;
4. The motor adopts the frequency conversion system as the power, which increases the weaving speed and saves 15% -50% of the electric energy.
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