How to maintain the accessories of computer flat knitting machine?

Update:20 Jul 2020

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1. Computerized flat knitting machine accessories rack: There are two hills, two beams connect the hills into a whole, which is a casting. The small parts installed on the rack include wrenches, wrench fixing screws, needle plate screws, and needle plate screw compression springs.
2. Needle plate: The key component is made of steel plate, which has considerable hardness for wear resistance. Slots are milled, with large bead, small bead, machine needle, tofu block and fixing screws.
3. Guide rail: The guide rail is made of castings or special steel. It is fastened to the frame with fixed screws. Generally, there are two front and rear rails, which are the tracks for the head to travel. There is a yarn feeder rail above the rear rail. It is mainly used when feeding the yarn feeder to move the yarn feeder randomly from side to side or changing the yarn feeder.
4. Yarn guide rod
Use a cotton cloth to wipe clean the dirt in the middle part of the yarn guide rod, then move the yarn feeder to the middle, and wipe it clean with a cotton cloth; use an oil-containing brush to add an appropriate amount of lubricant to the yarn guide rod, and then use a cotton cloth to wipe off the lubricant , Until the surface of the yarn guide rod retains a thin film of lubricant.
5. Needle bed and sinker bed
Push the head and yarn feeder of the computerized flat knitting machine accessories to the edge, use the special cloth press to push all the needles of the front needle bed to the highest point, blow and suck with the water gun and vacuum cleaner to clean the needle bed and sinker bed , And then reset all the knitting needles, as well as the back needle bed and sinker bed. After repeating this twice, clean the front and rear needle beds and sinker beds with cotton cloth; note that before restarting the machine, you must check whether all kinds of needles are in place, otherwise the needle selector will be damaged.