Interpretation of standard conditions for environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry (air pollution control)

Update:21 Jul 2017

Recently, the Ministry of industry and information issu […]

Recently, the Ministry of industry and information issued the "environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry (atmospheric governance)" (hereinafter referred to as the "norm", accelerate the standard conditions) of air pollution control equipment manufacturing industry supply side reforms, to guide the sustainable and healthy development of the industry.
A "standard" set the conditions, background and process in recent years, with the gradual deterioration of air quality and related industry standards more stringent, air pollution control equipment manufacturing industry rapid development, the growing scale of. As of 2015, about 7000 enterprises engaged in environmental protection equipment manufacturing, output value of about 550 billion yuan. Among them, the atmospheric treatment equipment output value ranks first in environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry, accounting for more than 40% of the industry output value. Above scale air handling equipment manufacturing enterprises a total of 237, with an annual output of 354 thousand sets (sets). After nearly forty years of development, air management equipment manufacturing has begun to take shape. But the industry innovation ability is not strong, advanced technology and equipment promotion difficulties, low end homogenization, serious competition and other issues gradually highlighted. At present, green development has become a new normal state of economic development, and ecological civilization construction has put forward higher requirements for the effective supply of environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry, and the industry has entered a period of comprehensive development strategic opportunities. Facing the new situation and requirements, it is imperative to adhere to the demand oriented and innovation driven, and strive to strengthen the foundation for the development of air treatment equipment manufacturing industry, and promote the quality, efficiency and healthy development of the whole industry.
The Ministry of industry and information technology as the air pollution control equipment manufacturing industry department, in the basis of on-the-spot investigation and discussion repeatedly on the organization of the relevant industry associations, research institutions and experts and scholars to study the drafting of the "standard conditions" (Draft), and the modification and improvement based on solicit views of the community. In December 13, 2016, the standard conditions were formally issued.
Two, the "normative conditions" formulated principles and ideas, problem oriented and goal oriented considerations. Based on the development of the industry is not standardized, enterprise innovation ability is insufficient, the homogenization of competition trend of advanced technology and equipment, promotion and other difficult issues, driven by innovation, quality and efficiency, promote the overall level of development of the industry to enhance the research "as the goal, determine the core content and the main standard" conditions of the. The characteristic index and the common index take both into account. Air treatment equipment manufacturing industry is to provide technical equipment for industrial air pollution prevention and control, and the industry itself belongs to the manufacturing sector. In the selection of the core content and main indicators, the air pollution control, equipment manufacturing industry characteristics and the common problems of the traditional equipment manufacturing industry are considered.
Three, the "norm" conditions of the scope of the "standard conditions" which refers to the "air pollution control equipment specifically for the industrial field of desulfurization and denitrification, dust removal, treatment of volatile organic compounds and other atmospheric governance using special equipment, spare parts and materials such as chemicals. The air purification equipment used in the life and the smoke exhauster are not applicable to the standard conditions.
Four, the "norm" conditions of enterprises put forward what requirements "standard" conditions of enterprises from the basic requirements, the ability of technological innovation, product requirements, management system and production safety, environmental protection and social responsibility, personnel training, product sales and customer service service, supervision and management of eight aspects of air pollution control equipment manufacturing enterprises put forward request.
From the production and operation situation, the enterprise sales for two consecutive years of not less than 50 million yuan, profit rate of not less than 6.5%; the production process and equipment to meet the requirements of national industrial policy, not the production of obsolete products, do not use the equipment, materials and production process of obsolete.