Introduce the core of computer flat knitting machine accessories: leading

Update:20 Aug 2020

Faucet: The most important part of the computer flat kn […]

Faucet: The most important part of the computer flat knitting machine. The parts of the entire machine head are installed on it. Its parts include front and rear faders, pusher scorched wooden balls and screws, pusher slider, and the slider is equipped with bearings. The front part of the faucet is equipped with a three-eye cover. The screw that passes through the three-eye is a trigger triangle rod. The screw in the center eye is called a live heart rod screw, a tie rod well circle and a needle pilot triangle wrench, a live heart wrench, and the head The one with scale on the surface is called the scale plate, the scale plate is equipped with a small pressure plate, and the screw in the center of the scale plate is called a double screw. The lower end of the two-end screw is fastened to the big triangle, the center of the two-end screw is equipped with a pointer, and the pointer is equipped with a yuanbao screw. A shuttle rack is installed behind the faucet, and the shuttle rack is equipped with a swing rod and a shuttle rod. The back of the machine head is also equipped with a latch switch. The main part on the machine head is the flower plate.

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