Overview of warp knitting machine parameters for computer knitting machines

Update:21 Jan 2020

Computer knitting machine buttonhole seam pattern and c […]

Computer knitting machine buttonhole seam pattern and characteristics: There are many seam patterns of buttonholes. Depending on the structure of the machine, there are two types: first cut and then lock (eye hole edge) and first lock and then cut (hole eye edge). Core and non-core and so on. The quality of the buttonholes that are cut first and then locked is better. Like manual keyholes, some high-quality heavy clothing must use the round head buttonholes that are cut first and then locked, and put the core thread.
Computer knitting machine production can be woven into a variety of gray fabrics, cut and sewn into a variety of knitwear, can also be directly knitted on the machine to form products to make fully formed or partially formed products. The forming process can save raw materials, simplify or eliminate cutting and sewing processes, and improve the performance of the product. Knitting production has developed rapidly due to short technological processes, strong adaptability of raw materials, fast variety changes, wide product use, low noise, and low energy consumption. Since the 1970s, the productivity of knitting machines has greatly improved. For example, circular weft knitting machines (tongue needles) can knit about 3,000 loops per minute. Warp knitting machines mostly have a width of 427cm. Knitting 2,000 stitches in a row, the speed of a single-cylinder circular socks machine can reach a maximum of 1,000 revolutions per minute.