Preparation and management methods of textile machinery product models(2)

Update:27 Feb 2021

Six, the coding method of the breeding type product mod […]

Six, the coding method of the breeding type product model
13. The most important type of the product that is first designed according to a certain specification is called the basic type. On the basis of the basic model, part of the main structure has been changed and improved. The modified product model is called the breeding model.
14. The model number of the breeding pattern is the prefix of the Hanyu Pinyin letter representing the meaning of the breeding pattern after the basic pattern model. Products of different varieties can use the same letter, and products of the same variety cannot use the same letter to avoid confusion. example:
(1) Drying machines with different heat sources for printing and dyeing machines use saturated steam as the basic type, and the rest of the heat sources are breeding types. The gas is represented by the letter M, the propane butane is represented by B, the electric heating is represented by D, and the hot oil is represented by Y. Gasoline vaporization is represented by Q, and superheated steam is represented by G.
(2) The cotton yarn medium-sized baler is the basic type, so its breeding type: woolen baler N is denoted, sack baler is C denoted, and canvas baler is F denoted.
(3) The type of breeding formed by the different materials of container products is indicated by the pinyin letters of the materials.
15. If some equipment is first designed, trial-produced breeding type, or there is no special case of basic type, the breeding model shall still be dealt with in accordance with Article 14.
16. When the breeding type model cannot be represented by the Chinese pinyin letters representing its meaning, it is represented by the sequence number A, B, C......, the first time add A, the second time add B, the third time add C......, By analogy, do not use I, O, R, and L to avoid misunderstandings.
17. Taking into account the possibility of common equipment such as cotton, wool, hemp, silk, etc., based on the product type of a certain fiber design, the structure and size of the product have been partially modified to adapt to the use of other fibers. The type is also a breeding type. The model number is followed by the basic model model with Chinese pinyin letters representing the model of the applicable fiber equipment, and parentheses. For example, when appropriate modifications are made on the basis of the automatic cotton weft winding machine to meet the needs of silk fibers, its breeding model is GA191 (GD).
18. For the product model formed in Articles 14 and 17, if the product model is formed in accordance with Article 16, the letters A, B, C... will always be written at the end. For example, when entering the MA633M gas roaster, and then developing the breeding model, its model is MA633MA.
19. In order to satisfy the rationality and practicality of manufacturing or use, some partial structure, component shapes, dimensions or materials of the product have been modified accordingly, but the main structure and external dimensions of the product have not been affected, after the improvement The model remains the same as the original model, and no breeding model is processed. After repeated breeding, the product structure and performance have undergone major changes, and no breeding treatment is required, and a new model should be given.
Seven, series type product model code
20. On the basis of the basic type of product, in order to meet the requirements of the use process, the basic parameters of the machine components are changed, and the resulting product is called a series of type products.
21. For the model of the series type product, the basic parameter is added after the basic model, and the middle is connected with a short "-" (pronounced "horizontal"). The basic parameters are represented by the main technical characteristics of the product. For example, the sizing machine with a frame width of 1400 mm is the basic type and the model is GA301, and the model of the sizing machine with a frame width of 1800 mm is GA301-180.
22. Some products change two main parameters at the same time, and their model number should be expressed by one main parameter as much as possible. If one parameter cannot be clearly expressed, two parameters should be added to the model number, with "×" (pronounced "multiplying") in the middle. ) Connected. E.g:
(1) The model of the rotary screen drying machine with a width of 1800 mm and consisting of 4 rotary screens is R456-180×4, and the model of the rotary screen drying machine composed of 10 rotary screens is R456-180×10;
(2) The machine width is 1600 mm. The hot oil baking machine composed of one drying room is the basic type, and the model of the hot oil baking machine composed of two drying rooms is MA633Y-160×2.
8. How to edit left and right-handed product models
23. To decide whether a machine is a left-handed car or a right-handed car, it should generally follow the corresponding regulations of the drawing management system FJ62-79. If the distinction cannot be made in accordance with this regulation, the characteristics of the left and right handcart should be distinguished by words or illustrations in the relevant technical documents.
24. There is no separate model for left and right-handed products, but the left and right hands are indicated on the product name, and the left and right fixed letters L and R are added after the code of the relevant parts.
Nine, the name of the product
25. The product name should be as accurate, concise and clear as possible. The full name of a product generally includes the model of the product and the name that indicates its purpose.
10. Management of product model
26. The titles and models of textile machinery under the control of the Ministry shall be uniformly issued by the Ministry. Each unit shall not compile by itself. The Ministry will issue models at the same time when assigning new product tasks. The new product design and trial-manufacturing unit may also submit the model to the Ministry for approval, and the Ministry's written approval.

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