Seamless underwear strips cause

Update:29 Jun 2019

Creases, chicken paw prints cause (1) The weaving machi […]

Creases, chicken paw prints cause
(1) The weaving machine was not finished or suspended in time.
(2) There is no flattening before the predetermined type, and the type is predetermined in the state of crease.
(3) There is no cooling or the cooling rate is too fast after the dyeing is completed.
(4) There is no cooling after drying, and the stacking time is too long in the hot state, and it is not sorted in time.
(1) Be sure to lay flat before weaving the machine and the pre-defined type.
(2) After the dyeing is completed, the temperature is lowered to 60 ° C or lower at a rate of 2 ° C / min.
(3) After drying, cool down to below 40 °C and arrange in time.
(4) Add softener in the bath when dyeing.
(5) Operate in strict accordance with the process requirements.