Seamless underwear strips cause

Update:15 Jun 2019

1. Reason for the horizontal bar (1) The weaving proces […]

1. Reason for the horizontal bar
(1) The weaving process parameters are not adjusted.
(2) The quality of the yarn raw materials is not good, and the yarns between different bobbins are not uniform in different parts of the same bobbin.
(3) Dyes or additives are not selected.
(1) Strengthen the control of parameters in the weaving process.
(2) Selecting dyes and auxiliaries with good cross-bar coverage.
(3) Propose the replacement batch number for the raw material supplier and ask the supplier to ensure the yarn quality.
2. Causes of oil stains
(1) The yarn is stained during the spinning process to produce oil yarn.
(2) In the weaving process, due to the lack of timely maintenance of the equipment, or the cleaning of the workshop is not done well, serious oil or stains may occur.
(3) The dyeing cylinder is not cleaned during the dyeing process, and the product and the cylinder body will also produce oil stains.
(4) The product is dropped on the ground and stained.
(1) Requirements for raw material suppliers to ensure yarn quality and strengthen inspection of incoming materials.
(2) The weaving workshop is the key place for oil stains. Special attention should be paid to the maintenance of equipment, on-site management of each workshop, and the maintenance of the production environment.
(3) Be careful during the work process to prevent the product from being contaminated.
3. oil needle road (vertical bar) causes
(1) When the weaving production process is uneven, the state of the needle or the raw gram is not good.
(1) The source is the maintenance of the weaving equipment and knitting needles, adjust the fueling state, and replace the bad knitting needles and raw gram tablets in time.
(2) Strengthen the degreasing strength before dyeing.