Shaoxing Jinhao Machinery Co., Ltd. The new darling of the computer flat knitting industry

Update:04 Jan 2020

Shaoxing Jinhao Machinery Co., Ltd. Computerized flat k […]

Shaoxing Jinhao Machinery Co., Ltd. Computerized flat knitting knitting garments have become more demanding for outerwear, fashion, comfort, and personalization. Generally, ordinary flat knitting machines can no longer meet the production requirements of high quality and complex patterns; meanwhile, due to labor costs The continuous rise, low production efficiency of ordinary flat knitting machines, troublesome variety replacement, and slow response to the market make it difficult to meet the development needs of knitted garment enterprises. Manual flat knitting machines and semi-automatic flat knitting machines have gradually withdrawn from the historical stage and become the industry's development trend, replaced by more advanced computer flat knitting machines. The domestic computer horizontal flying computerized flat knitting machine has been favored by many small and medium-sized knitting enterprises for its good quality and low price. China's computer flat knitting machine industry is still in the basic development stage, and the current annual output is about 40,000 units. Mechanics are a little harder. They are all similar in China, and most of the operating systems are Hengqiang. After all, their penetration rates are there, and operators and technicians are relatively sufficient. If you can't find a skilled worker, you should ask for more pre-job training before buying a machine to understand their training methods. Competition among technicians is also fierce.