Solve the problem of squandering in flat knitting machines

Update:03 Aug 2018

When the computerized flat knitting machine is in use, […]

When the computerized flat knitting machine is in use, there will be a squandering phenomenon. How can the staff effectively solve the problem of the squandering of the flat knitting machine? Let us look at the specific solution:

Computerized flat knitting machine - chaotic flower (disordered needle)

1) See if the cloth is sloppy, if the problem is on the needle selector.

2) See if it is stealing or missing. Adjust the gap between the selector and the needle bed.

3) Adjust the needle selection parameters, select the needle origin, and fine-tune the needle selection.

4) See if the needle is too tight on the needle bed and too loose. Is it smooth?

5) Check the line and plug each plug to see if there is any contact.

6) See if the main drive belt is too loose.

7) See if the needle gauge is too tight or too loose.

8) Replace the needle selection substrate.

9) Re-find the origin, the national flower series should pay attention to the copper head.