Structural characteristics of computerized flat knitting machine

Update:14 Dec 2019

Features of computerized flat knitting machine (1) Duri […]

Features of computerized flat knitting machine
(1) During the knitting process, the defects can be eliminated on the machine at any time, or the fabric defects can be removed and re-knitted to obtain a good piece of clothing according to the dispersibility of the fabric. Therefore, the raw material loss is less, which is especially suitable for knitting price comparison. High cardigan.
(2) The full-forming process can be used to produce a variety of styles, novel and unique sweaters. Such as various shirts, pants, skirts, hats, gloves, scarves, shawls and so on.
(3) It can adapt to various raw materials, weaving colorful fabrics with different structures, different organizations.
4. The cloth winding device adopts the main and auxiliary roller device, which can automatically control the cloth winding speed according to the speed of the machine head and the conditions of the weaving organization. Each section can be adjusted on the machine so that any fabric can obtain the appropriate tension. The main roller cooperates with the sinker to weave the shaped garment piece, and the hanging piece is not required at the beginning.
5. Computerized flat knitting machine is equipped with automatic fault stopping devices, such as yarn break insurance, overknot insurance, bad needle insurance, striker, cloth drop insurance, overload, cloth winding failure, wrong board failure, program failure, number of knitting pieces Control, etc.
6. The machine adopts a fully sealed structure to prevent dust from entering and reduce machine noise.