The role of knitting machine spindles

Update:14 Mar 2020

Spindle is one of the main working parts of the knittin […]

Spindle is one of the main working parts of the knitting machine. It has many structures. Due to the difference between vertical and horizontal, the structure of the spindle is also different, and the spindles of various knitting materials are also different.
Knitting machine spindles on the knitting machine can realize the function of retracting and unwinding the yarn, and maintain a certain tension of the yarn, so that the yarn is evenly stressed during the weaving process.
The spindle of the braiding machine is mainly composed of a yarn tension compensation device and a spool brake clutch device. The tension compensation device can realize the winding of the wire on the mandrel with a relatively constant tension. The spool braking and clutch device controls the winding and unwinding of the silk thread; the plied silk thread on the spool is evenly woven on the mandrel.
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