Theory of weaving machinery

Update:20 Mar 2020

The newly developed original DC speed control system of […]

The newly developed original DC speed control system of the braiding machine is transformed into an AC speed control system, which is a better choice. After the inverter speed regulation control system is reformed, the effect is good and the economic benefits are considerable. In more than two years of application, it has not only realized power saving and maintenance cost reduction, but also greatly reduced the equipment failure rate, significantly reduced the maintenance workload, improved product quality and quantity, and achieved the purpose of automatic control of the knitting machine.
Knitting machines are mainly used in shipbuilding manufacturers, ocean transportation, defense industry, offshore oil, port operations, automotive aviation and trains, furniture, footwear, clothing, belts, wrist bands, jewelry and other fields. Its product has a reasonable weaving structure and scientific process, which has the advantages of high strength, low elongation, wear resistance and wear resistance, and easy operation. Particularly suitable for making large-scale ropes.
1.Fully automatic N-color device
The newly developed N-color wire control device can be used to weave N colors in a single board or a double board.
2.Large-capacity memory
It can store and memorize the larger and complicated designs that have been designed, the largest can store N ingots / X indentation, and the N-color designs above monochrome can store up to N ingots / X indentation.
3. Magnetic card input system
Take off the designed flower PPD-35 and insert it into the CK35 knitting machine card holder. With a simple operation, you can quickly input the flower design designed in the magnetic card into the knitting machine.
4.Automatic safe operation of electric motor
The electric motor controlled by the computer also has the following safe operating modes:
A. Break-and-stop mode: When the yarn is suddenly broken during the knitting process, the machine head immediately stops the running mechanism.
B. Overload self-stop: During the knitting process, if the yarn is entangled or the horse is bent or damaged, the operation is overcast. When the load is too heavy, it will automatically stop and automatically remember the number of lines weaved. Stop and automatically memorize the number of rows weaved.
5. The width of weaving can be changed at will, which is fast and convenient.
The principle of the knitting machine is to put the packaging on the tray, and then stretch the wrapped film tray film according to the pre-set resistance or pre-stretch through the film rack mechanism, and then wrap it around the pallet goods. Can improve logistics efficiency and reduce losses during shipment. It has the advantages of dust-proof, moisture-proof, and reduced packaging cost.
In order to meet the packaging requirements of cargo containerized storage, transportation, and mechanized loading and unloading operations, a series of products including tray winding machines, top-pressing pull-resistant winding machines, and pre-drawing automatic film winding machines have been designed and manufactured. It is widely used in foreign trade export, food and beverage, irrigation, papermaking, dyes, plastic chemicals, glass ceramics, electromechanical castings and other packaging costs, improve production efficiency, can prevent damage to the goods during handling, and prevent dust, Moisture and cleaning effect. Adopt PLC programmable controller to control. The number of windings can be set, local reinforcement can be selected, and it can be automatically reset. With overload, overcurrent and other protection functions, safe and reliable. The design is simple and clear, and the maintenance is extremely convenient. Closed structure, durable.