Ultrasonic lace machine features

Update:11 Mar 2019

(1) It is processed by ultrasonic wave and special stee […]

(1) It is processed by ultrasonic wave and special steel wheel, which does not hurt the edge of the cloth and has no burrs;
(2) The flower wheel is easy to replace, and the flower wheel of various figures can be replaced according to the needs of the customer;
(3) It does not need to be preheated during manufacture and can be operated continuously;
(4) Stitching: The various types of fabrics are directly stitched by ultrasonic waves without needle thread, thereby achieving waterproof effect;
(5) Lace: Ultrasonic can be used to press all kinds of leather/fabric into any pattern without using raw edges;
(6) Hot stamping: Ultrasonic can be used for bronzing on all kinds of leather/cloth, which is fast and effective.
(7) edging: Ultrasonic can be used to edging various types of leather/cloth;
(8) Others: The machine also has the functions of slitting/cutting holes, which can achieve the effect of multi-purpose.