Underwear on the oil stains

Update:21 Nov 2017

Cause (1) Yarn is contaminated during spinning to produ […]

(1) Yarn is contaminated during spinning to produce oil yarn.
(2) Weaving process due to equipment is not in time maintenance, or workshop cleaning is not done, will produce serious oil stains or stains.
(3) Dyeing cylinder dyeing and cleaning unclean, friction between the product and the cylinder will produce oil stains.
(4) product falling contaminated on the ground.
(1) Ask the raw material suppliers to ensure the quality of the yarn and strengthen the inspection of the incoming materials.
(2) The weaving workshop is the key point for oil stains. Pay special attention to the maintenance of the equipment, strengthen the on-site management of each workshop and maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the production environment.
(3) work process be careful to prevent product contamination.