What are the advantages of high-speed braiding machines?

Update:20 Apr 2020

The auxiliary machine of the braiding machine generally […]

The auxiliary machine of the braiding machine generally cannot be braided separately. The length of the machine tool of the auxiliary machine is the same as that of the main machine, and the number of latch needles is also equal. The difference is that there is a needle bed moving device at the lower left end of the auxiliary machine needle bed. The rotary handle is used to adjust the relative position of the needle bed of the main machine and the needle bed of the auxiliary machine. The auxiliary machine head must be connected with the main machine head to use.
High-speed braiding machine is a kind of steel wire braiding equipment. It mainly uses the spindle to make a circular movement of the left and right spiral curve along the guide mechanism to weave the steel wire on the rubber pipe body and rubber-plastic pipe body according to a certain rule as a reinforcement layer to improve the pipe body. pressure.
High-speed weaving performance characteristics:
1. High-quality machine parts and reasonable mechanism make the machine run more stable and have a longer service life. High speed braiding machine
2. Humanized design, safe and easy operation, direct and convenient maintenance of the machine.
3. It is not easy to break the thread when weaving and it will not wear the surface of the raw material. After weaving, it will naturally have a higher quality. If there is a product with a core, it can be automatically fed.
4. At the exit point of the running spindle, the device is equipped with a hanging industrial porcelain eyelet to replace the piercing operation. The reasonable structure of the running spindle makes it faster and easier to replace the yarn tube and adjust the elastic force.
5. The machine's automatic yarn breaking power failure device is fast and accurate. When the package is used up or disconnected, the machine will automatically stop running, so in the case of unmanned operation, you can also let the machine run with peace of mind to increase output and reduce costs.
6. The motor adopts frequency conversion control, stepless speed change, easy to control the speed of the speed, and can be overloaded.
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