What are the characteristics of high-speed wire braiding machine models?

Update:25 May 2020

High-speed steel wire braiding machine is a kind of ste […]

High-speed steel wire braiding machine is a kind of steel wire braiding equipment. It mainly uses the spindle to make a circular motion of the left and right spiral curve along the guide mechanism. Body pressure.
Structure and characteristics of high-speed braiding machine series:
1. BJZ series steel wire braiding machine is a high-speed braiding machine developed and designed by our company.
2. This machine has the advantages of higher speed than the domestic common knitting machine and the working efficiency is more than doubled.
3. The operation is simple and the precision is high. The machine adopts automatic control, man-machine interface and servo drive motor, which greatly improves the weaving precision and reduces the difficulty of the worker's operation.
4. Equipped with our company's self-developed braided spindles, it has the advantages of large pay-off tension, stable pay-off, long service life, high braiding quality, large thread capacity (doubling the normal thread capacity compared with the previous year), etc.
Machine use:
This machine is mainly used in the weaving field of braided rubber tube, rubber and plastic tube and tube protective layer.
Machine characteristics:
Most of the parts of the machine body are completed directly on the high-density CNC machining center and CNC computer lathe, which is the advantage of more stable operation of the machine, long service life of the machine, low noise, high quality and high efficiency.
This machine adopts high-end frequency conversion technology, 220V / 380V voltage, low energy consumption motor, adjusts the running speed according to the needs of the product, and is installed with a core box yarn automatic stop device, which effectively reduces the scrap rate of the product and greatly saves space manpower. Equipped with synchronous feeding, it is easier to operate and more convenient to maintain.
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