What are the functions of computer flat knitting machine accessories?

Update:28 Aug 2020

Computerized flat knitting machine parts are the heart. […]

Computerized flat knitting machine parts are the heart. The parts of the entire machine head are installed on it. Its parts include front and rear faders, pusher scorched wood balls and screws, pusher slider, and the slider is equipped with bearings. The front part of the faucet is equipped with a three-eye cover. The screw that passes through the three-eye is a trigger triangle rod. The screw in the center eye is called a live heart rod screw, a tie rod well circle and a needle pilot triangle wrench, a live heart wrench, and the head Those with scale on the surface are called scale plates.
The computerized flat knitting machine has the advantages of less labor and high efficiency, which can actually bring benefits to the enterprise. This is the main reason for its recent boom in sales. A hydrostatic driving transmission scheme (with subsequent load shift transmission) is relatively There are many advantages in the hydraulic dynamic pressure torque converter transmission scheme, which has been successfully applied to the production of wheel loaders with a driving power of up to 60 kilowatts.
The application of the static pressure transmission of the computerized flat knitting machine is similar to the hydraulic torque converter drive device. Because the large torque range of this type of static pressure transmission requires an additional shift transmission, the computerized flat knitting machine can be operated by a worker. Can control four or five computer machines. Now the cost of shaking a piece of clothing has been greatly reduced, only 1/10 of the past. Excluding the equipment cost of the computerized flat knitting machine and the depreciation cost of the machine, the total cost of each piece of clothing is only 1/3 of the past.