What are the maintenance skills after the operation of the computerized flat knitting machine?

Update:06 Jul 2020

Six maintenance skills of computerized flat knitting ma […]

Six maintenance skills of computerized flat knitting machine
Computerized flat knitting machine maintenance:
After the needle groove is used for a long time, dirt will accumulate in the groove, which directly affects the quality of the knitwear, so the needle bed must be wiped regularly. Called car wiping, car wiping must pay attention to the following points:
1. Push all knitting needles to the knitting area to prevent damage to the tongue when pulling the iron plug.
2. The extracted upper and lower plug irons and the needle bed irons must be placed on the workbench in the original order. Don't make mistakes, and it is easy to install.
3. If the needle bed is found to have rust spots, use No. 0 emery cloth to sand it off, and avoid rubbing on the grid-shaped teeth of the needle bed, so as not to damage the straightness of the teeth.
4. Never rub the abrasive cloth on the "front" of the iron plug to avoid damage to the "front" and affect the operation of the needle.
Basic electrical performance of computerized flat knitting machine
1) The computerized flat knitting machine should be able to work normally under the condition of power supply voltage 220 (1±10%) V or 380 (1±110%) V. Can withstand 2200V/50Hz: AC sinusoidal voltage in 380V circuit, there should be no damage within 1 min.
2) The insulation resistance between live parts with different polarities of the computer flat knitting machine, and between live parts and the casing should conform to cold state resistance ≥20mΩ and hot state resistance ≥2mΩ.

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