What are the principles of computerized flat knitting and structure?

Update:13 Aug 2020

Computerized flat knitting machine knitting and needle […]

Computerized flat knitting machine knitting and needle selection principle
(1) Principles of looping, tucking and no weaving
When knitting in loops: the selection jack is selected in the first selection area, the bottom butt of the selection jack rises along the F1 surface of the selection triangle, and the top butt rises along the triangle 15 → pushes the bottom butt of the middle to rise to The cam 10 passes above and along its upper surface, the upper butt of the middle plate passes above the bead 8, and the corresponding needle jack butt runs along the upper surface of the cam 1 → unwinding → forming a loop.
Triangle system structure
(1) Needle jack trigger triangle (make the knitting needle rise to form a tuck or loop)
(2) The connecting cam 2 and the starting cam 1 belong to the same whole, push the knitting needle to the height of the loop.
(3) In addition to the needle-pressing function, the press-needle triangle 3 also has a transfer function.
(4) The needle jack guide cam 4 plays the role of guiding and narrowing.
(5) The upper and lower needle guard cams 5 and 6 play the role of needle guard. When transferring, the upper needle guard cam 5 also plays the role of pressing needle.
(6) The ring bead 7 and the ring bead 8 are integrated movable parts, which can move up and down.
(7) The needle selector 9 is composed of a permanent magnet M and needle selection points C1 and C2.