What are the problems in the computerized flat knitting machine parts manufacturing industry?

Update:27 Jul 2020

The problem of the computerized flat knitting machine p […]

The problem of the computerized flat knitting machine parts manufacturing industry is that the computerized flat knitting machine parts cannot be supplied.
All computer flat knitting knitting machine companies have more orders, and the accessories are naturally tight, and there is no time to supply. Moreover, in general, most of the accessories manufacturers produce substandard quality and fail to meet the design requirements. The quality of products is staffed by commissioners.
Quality is the life of an enterprise. When the product is in short supply, the quality is also reduced. Some steel materials are processed as soon as they are bought from the steel market and have not been processed. The so-called processing is to make the steel more fully integrated in the molecular structure. Therefore, the material is not good enough, and the rigidity is not in place. When encountering high temperature or long-term operation, the machine will not be able to withstand it. To form a whole industry chain competition. Chairman Yang believes that the future competition is not simply the "industrial chain competition" of the knitting industry, but the "full-industry chain competition" of the entire textile industry. Whether the industry is strong depends on the lack of barrel effect in the entire industrial chain. .
Finally, the computerized flat knitting machine must be innovatively developed. In the past, innovation was the demand for enterprise development, but so far, innovation may become the basic point of survival and competition for knitting enterprises. Adjustment of structure and innovative development are imperative for computerized flat knitting knitting enterprises.

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