What are the programming operation steps of Jinhao Machinery?

Update:08 Jun 2020

If a certain pattern is more complicated, but there are […]

If a certain pattern is more complicated, but there are certain rules, you can use the function of Jinhao flat knitting machine. In the programming state, program to the position that needs to be cycled, program the first step signal that needs to be cycled together with the "cycle start" key, and then program "next step" into the program in the middle of the cycle. Program the "end of cycle" key together, then press "Next" to program the middle of the cycle, and write the "end of cycle" key at the end of the cycle, and then press "Next". = ", the digital tube on the back flashes, then use the numeric keys to enter the number of cycles (up to 255 times), if you want to modify the number of times, when the cycle is flashing, press the "correct" key to return the number to the right, and then use the numeric keys to enter After entering the new times, press the "Next" button to enter the next programming state.
If the user needs to start running at a certain number of revolutions in the middle, he can press the "Enter number of revolutions" key, then use the numeric keys 1-10 to enter the desired number of revolutions, and then press the "Enter" key to start a certain run.
Speed ​​reset / end of programming
If you want to start playing from the first turn of a bad movie, please press the "Rotate Reset" button. Press this key in the programming state to use it as the end of the programming function.