What are the tips for knitting machine maintenance?

Update:01 Jun 2020

1. Make sure that the work is stable before starting th […]

1. Make sure that the work is stable before starting the equipment, so as not to affect the use and production quality of the equipment.
2. At least once per shift to ensure that the moving parts have sufficient flexibility to avoid the occurrence or abnormal wear of the speed drive part to reduce the life of the equipment.
3. Handle the broken wires and debris of the equipment in time, so as to avoid the phenomenon of being caught by the rotating parts to the machine equipment or causing the shaft of the shift lever, which seriously affects the life of the equipment and the production quality problems.
4. Weaving machine timely treats abnormal parts to ensure the quality of production.
5. Regularly tighten each screw and nut of the equipment to ensure the stability of the operation, so as to avoid abnormal sounds and living equipment.
6. Properly control the output frequency of the inverter to avoid affecting the life of the equipment.
7. The chain is lubricated to prevent the oil from entering the friction plate and tightening, which causes the friction plate to slip and affect the winding frame.
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