What are the tips for maintaining the bobbin of the knitting machine?

Update:06 May 2020

How to maintain the bobbin of the knitting machine? The […]

How to maintain the bobbin of the knitting machine?
The quality of the bobbin is very important for the use of spindles. To choose a bobbin made of high-quality materials, the regular inspection of the bobbin in use should be strengthened at ordinary times, and the defective and damaged bobbins that are deformed or damaged should be removed in a timely manner.
If a bobbin with poor quality or deformation damage is used, it will inevitably increase the unbalance of the spindle, increase the load of the spindle bearing, and shorten the service life of the spindle.
The spindle is driven by the spindle belt. Spindles used in spinning frames have cotton webbing and rubber bands. The cotton woven spindle belt has large elongation, short service life, and low price; the rubber spindle belt has stable transmission, low vibration, low noise, energy saving, long service life, but the price is more expensive. In the long run, it is a development trend for rubber spindle belts to replace cotton woven spindle belts, and it is worth promoting.
The cone surface of the bobbin and spindle should be evenly closed, and the tight surface should not be less than 85% to ensure the reliable, synchronous and smooth operation of the bobbin and spindle.
The bobbin should be maintained and inspected generally from half a year to one year. The steps are:
Cleanup: Remove the rewinding, flying flowers, dust, and remove the accumulated flowers in the "sky eye".
Set of spindles: Use standard spindles to set the bobbin, check the height (± 1.0mm) of the bottom hole (0.05-0.15mm).
Test tube: When the spindle speed is 18000 rpm, it is better to visually or feel the upper amplitude of the bobbin ≤0.15mm, the middle and lower ≤0.25mm (180-190mm bobbin). At the same time, it removes the bad yarn bobbins that are deformed and curved, with rough surfaces and scratches.