What are the types of sock setting machines produced?

Update:14 Sep 2021

Now there are many types of socks. According to the len […]

Now there are many types of socks. According to the length of the sock, there are stockings, middle socks and short socks and boat socks (invisible socks); according to the type of socks, there are household socks, Luokou socks and rubber socks. ; According to the object of use, there are men's socks, women's socks and children's socks. The round socks are organized in three parts: the socks, the socks and the socks. The sock feet include the heel, the sole, the back and the toe of the sock. The function of the sock mouth is to keep the edge of the sock from falling off and close to the leg. There are 5 main parameters of socks: sock size, sock bottom length, total length, mouth length and heel height. The specifications of the socks are expressed by the size of the socks, and the size of the socks is based on the actual length of the socks. Therefore, you can choose the right socks after you know the length of your feet. However, due to the different raw materials used in socks, socks are also different in the sock size series. Among them, elastic nylon socks have a difference of 2cm in the length of the socks as the first level; cotton yarn socks, nylon stockings, blended socks, etc., have a difference of 1cm as the first level.
The sock setting machine is suitable for the sock setting process before the packaging process in the sock production process. Its main function is to put the produced socks on various types of socks. After the steam pressure setting and drying treatment of the socks setting machine, the socks will be shaped with the style of the socks, and the socks will be more elastic and flexible. The existing sock setting machine conveys the socks set on the sock board to the setting box for drying and setting through the slide rail. There is only one setting box on the whole setting machine, and the setting efficiency of the setting machine is low.