What is the importance of hanging a heavy hammer on a flat knitting machine?

Update:02 Jul 2021

In the process of knitting, have you encountered the fo […]

In the process of knitting, have you encountered the following situations?
When knitting the swatches, I feel that the density of the swatches is very suitable. It is very difficult to knit large pieces of woolen sweaters according to the craftsmanship calculated from the swatches. Also, when knitting large pieces of sweaters, the pieces knitted according to the craftsmanship are more in line with the size. However, the knitted sleeves are somewhat longer; when knitting woolen pants, the size of the woolen pants knitted according to the craft sheet is often a little longer than the length you want. There are many reasons for these problems, one of which is: caused by hanging heavy hammers. It can be seen how important it is to hang a heavy hammer.
1. Analysis of the cause of the problem:
When knitting the sample, if the weight of the weight hanging on the side of the threading board 2 is M1 and the number of stitches of the knitting sample is A1, then the tension on each needle is F1=M1/A1, the tension on each needle The size affects the size of the loop, and the size of the loop determines the length of the fabric.
When knitting large pieces, if the total weight of the heavy hammer hanging on the 2 side is M2 and the number of starting stitches is A2, the pulling force on each needle is F2=M2/A2. In principle, it should be F1=F2. There will be no difference between the length of the sample and the large one, but in the actual production process, it is difficult or not to measure the impact of the above-mentioned weight on the tension of the needle, which leads to the occurrence of the above-mentioned problem.
2. Methods to solve the problem:
In order to prevent or reduce the occurrence of the above-mentioned problems, pay attention to one point when hanging heavy hammers. Everyone knows that each flat knitting machine is equipped with the same 2 sets of heavy hammers. But in each set of heavy hammers, the weight of each heavy hammer is different. Therefore, you must choose when you use it, don't use it randomly, try your best or as close as possible to make the tension of each needle the same, which is very helpful to reduce the error of the length of the knitted garment.
For example: when knitting woolen pants, the knitting is generally from the trousers to the waist. The weight hanging on the upper part of the knitting gear is a little heavier than the lower part; when knitting the sleeves, the heavy weight hanging is lighter than when knitting the front and back of the body. One point, when knitting a cardigan, when knitting the left and right parts of the front body, the heavy weight hanging is lighter than when knitting the large part of the back body, and it is enough to hang the heavy weight of 1/2 of the large piece.