What is the role and difference of wire and cable braid?

Update:11 May 2020

The conductive core of wire and cable is used to transm […]

The conductive core of wire and cable is used to transmit current. In order to reduce power loss and voltage drop, the conductive core is generally made of copper and aluminum with high conductivity. The role of the insulation layer is to prevent current leakage in the radial direction and ensure safe use. Therefore, the insulating layer is required to have good electrical insulation properties. Heat resistance and certain mechanical strength. Wire and cable braiding is mainly composed of three basic structural elements: fiber braid, metal braid and steel wire braid.
1. Fiber braid
For wires, the fiber braid is a form of light protective layer. Protect the insulation from all kinds of light, heat and moisture. The erosion of low temperature, acid and alkali gas and the damage of external mechanical force ensure the safe operation of the wire. For cables, the fiber braid is often in the middle of the sheath to enhance the tear resistance of the sheath. For example, the reinforced sheath is a cotton or hemp fiber braid in the middle of the rubber or plastic sheath to improve The strength of the sheath.
2. Wire braiding
(1). Weaving machine mechanical protection. Such as marine power cable CF31 type.
(2). Withstand longitudinal pull-off force, such as WC-GC and WCT magnetic measuring cables for marine geological exploration.
(3). Magnetic field shielding. From the perspective of wire and cable sheathing, weaving is one of many types of sheathing or outer sheathing for wire and cable. However, depending on the materials used in the wire and cable braid and the different parts of the braid in the wire and cable structure, the role of the braid is obviously different.
3. Metal braid
The metal braiding machine layer mainly has two kinds of copper wire braiding layer and steel wire (iron wire) braiding layer,
(1). Shielding against electromagnetic interference such as tinned copper wire braided blue cables, copper wire braided control cables, etc.
(2). Eliminate the shielding effect of the surface potential of the power cable. It acts as a general shield for binding power lines and eliminating induced electricity, such as high-voltage cables.
(3). The shielding effect of safety protection. Braided copper wire outside the main core insulation and good contact with the ground core or used as a ground wire, can reflect the leakage current in time, such as shielded mine cable.
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