What is the working principle of computerized flat knitting machine?

Update:29 Jun 2020

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The computerized flat knitting machine is a double needle tongue and weft knitting loom. Its triangular installation is like a set of flat cams, the needles of the knitting needles can enter the grooves of the cam, move the triangles, forcing the knitting needles to make regular landing and landing activities in the needle grooves of the needle plate, and through the actions of the hook and the tongue , The yarn can be woven into a knitted fabric. During the ascending process of the knitting needle, the stitch gradually withdraws from the needle hook, flips the tongue, and withdraws the tongue from the hook on the needle bar; during the needle descent process, the needle hook catches the newly placed yarn and pulls it Pulled and bent into loops, some of the loops are pulled out of the hook, the new loops pass through the old loops, and are connected in series with the old loops. A lot of knitted strings are combined to form a knitted fabric.
The operation control elements adopt 8-inch and 10-inch VGA true color display screen; keys or touch input,
Program operation adopts 32-bit ARM chip as the core, FPGA as the control system of the whole machine, easy online upgrade, strong anti-interference, effective dust and moisture resistance, not easy to burn, strong adaptability to the high temperature and harsh working environment with many cotton wool;
Suitable for single head single system, dual system and triple system models;
Needle selection speed 12KHZ/sec;
1:1 acquisition of encoder signals, accurate needle selection without cumulative tolerance;
The zero position can be quickly obtained during the initial commissioning;
Ordinary U disk can realize fast access to patterns and upgrade system software;
Network management, you can quickly download and update patterns, monitor the working status of the machine, and update the latest software online.